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Thread: Product Review- the DPMS SASS

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    Product Review- the DPMS SASS

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    I know, this thing is a little long, stick with me here:

    So, several months ago I purchased a DPMS SASS, and another member asked me to review it after I shot it, and I just never got around to it. But finally I have a few minutes to do it, so here goes.

    So, my gripes thus far consist of the following:

    When I was shopping for one, I found that prices varied widely, from the $1700 mark to the $2200 mark. I was finally able to get it here for under $1750, and that was delivered, and I was able to put it on a credit card with no fees. That being said, my Remington 700 police has a shade under $1000 in it, as it sits, so I was expecting good things from this gun. But for the money I no have in it (about $2100) I could have a hellacious bolt gun. But this rifle basically comes with everything I would add, minus the scope and rings, so in the end I would spend about the same.

    The first thing you notice about the SASS I that it is HEAVY. Being new to the .308 AR platform, I thought many things would be similar; they are not. The bolt, carrier, charging handle, receivers, and, well everything else is beefed up and bigger. Although it has an 18” fluted barrel with a low profile gas block, it is a pretty damn stout piece of equipment. As such it makes using a typical leather sling difficult- there is no hasty or cuffing techniques to be used with it. Shooting from a standing position is difficult as well.

    The handgrip is not made for people with wide hands. My hands are pretty thin, and I had to adjust this thing all the way to the bottom to make it right for me.

    If you’ve never cycled a .308 AR using the charging handle, it is quite a wakeup from the .223 version. Better eat your Wheaties. I added a BCM charging handle, and that helped significantly. Also this thing seems to run much better if its a little wet, much more so that a .223.

    It takes some practice to get full accuracy out of this gun. I shot it in Woody’s DM match and left six targets over the entire day, as opposed to one the last match. Course, I could miss faster, and the gale force winds on the pickup truck stage got me.

    With that 18” barrel, I lose about 200 fps off the muzzle velocity compared to the Remington. Not a huge deal to me.

    The Magpul butt stock is nice, but it is not very comfortable. You also need very nigh rings or a specialty more expensive scope mount to get any scope with a large diameter objective on it. I currently have a Millett scope on it.

    Recoil is very manageable. Even with the stock flash hider. I put a Bennie Cooley comp on this thing, and now the recoil is just a smidgen more than shooting a .223. Granted, it clears the range, and no one wants to be shooting beside you when you touch a round off, and doesn’t hide your flash, but since I’m not shooting people shooting back at me, it doesn’t really matter to me.

    It came with two DPMS 19 round mags. Not impressed. Dropped one, the feed lip split. I bought Magpuls instead. They hold 20, and work great.

    Now, my praises of this gun:

    You can put some firepower downrange in a hurry, and it will be accurate. I like having 20 chances rather than just 5 with my Remington. It is comfortable to shoot. The trigger is a JP, and it feels very good.

    The gun is accurate. I can’t complain about that. The pic I posted is a 2” circle with five rounds in it, from the bipod at 100 yards, cold clean bore. I have since shot it out to 500 yards, and can say that it holds it accuracy out at least that far. I have confidence that I can certainly shoot farther than that with this gun. Friends of mine that have LR 308’s cannot maintain the accuracy I have with this gun. That being said, I have a friend with a custom LR 308, complete with a custom barrel, which cost probably $1000 more, that has about the same accuracy. At some point I will get some money together and play with some Mega Machine stuff and see what I can get out of one of those systems.

    Bottom line- I’m satisfied with what I bought.

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    Here are the pics- the rifle as it stands now and my sight in group, using Federal 168 gr GMM.

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    Thanks for the write up. I've been wanting one for a while, but I settled for a LR308(24"). Does anyone have a LR308B? I've been wondering how the accuracy of a SASS is compared to one. And yes the charging handle pull is a LOT different than for a .223/5.56.

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