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Thread: Local Turkey shoots ?

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    Local Turkey shoots ?

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    Anyone know of any Turkey Shoots opening in the area ? Where and when ? Choke rules ?
    I live in the Wallburg/ Winston Salem area

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    You're in my neck of the woods, literally. I've been looking for one too. Growing up, they held one behind the Gumtree Fire Department, not sure if it's still up and running or not. I'd be more than interested if anyone knows of one for sure.
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    There are like 10 around guilford and rockingham county, personally I recomend the Huntsville Ruritan shoot at the Huntsville fire department off of ellisboro rd, nothing tighter than full and they have good meat and low cost rounds......been going since I was like 5

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    where are the 10 aroung guilford county? Huntsville is to far a drive

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    Probably too far for you guys, but for those near me, Dublin Fire Department is starting one the 14th of October and running every Friday and Saturday night through November

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    I'm sure this isn't 100% comprehensive, but it's a good start: CAROLINA

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