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Thread: Replacing the sights on my Norinco 1911A1

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    Replacing the sights on my Norinco 1911A1

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    I am tired of trying to shoot this great gun with the teeny little GI sights and my bad eyes, so I'm taking the plunge and swapping out the sights after a bit of research.

    First, does anyone have a recommendation for a good pair of night sights that use the series 70 narrow tenon for the front sight? I only seem to get Brownells links on "The Googles" and I loathe their website something awful. Right now I am leaning towards the Meprolight but that would mean filing it down to fit the narrow tenon (or opening up the hole for the larger post and I am not sure I want to do that.....).

    Also, has anyone improvised a decent tool to replace the crazy-pricey specific staking tools? I am doing this -once-, so I really don't want to buy a custom tool for it.....

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    The sights look to be just the ticket, but like I said.... I don't really want to drop $50 on a tool I am going to use once.

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