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Thread: Blazer .22 ammo

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    Blazer .22 ammo

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    So I have two .22 carbines that I love playing around with. I usally buy walmarts bulk ammo(winchester 555 hollow points). I had no FTF or FTE. I put around 100rds down my GSG5 and maybe 700 down my M&P15-22. But I recently picked up a bnib Walther P22 from a local gun store. I went to try it out and I was having feeding problems. I went back to the same gun store and picked up a brick of Blazers (500rds) at $23.50. The owner told me that CCI makes Blazer, so I decided to try them. I went out today and put 120rds down the barrel and every shoot was flawless. I was surprized. I will be going back and getting another brick or two.

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    I like it, has always seemed to work in a bersa firestorm where some of the lower velocity stuff would not cycle the slide. Best part is it is pretty cheap.

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    I bought a case of them from PSA for cheap. I have yet to have a problem with them. I can hit large size targets at 200yds out of my M&P 15-22 on iron sights.

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    Ditto on Blazers. My P22 was real picky on lower priced ammo but Blazers work well. I went thru about a half doz diff brands before settling on them.

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    Yet again another flawless 100rds out my P22. Im running low on the Blazer, so Im probley going to order another brick.

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