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Thread: Mil-Dot vs Mil-Quad

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    Mil-Dot vs Mil-Quad

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    I am looking at the SWFA SS 3-9x42. It comes with either the Mil-Dot or Mil-Quad reticle. What is the difference? I am new to scopes but if the Mil-Quad is better then I see no need to learn on the Mil-Dot.

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    I prefer the mil-quad mainly because it has 1/2 mil hash marks making hold overs/unders easier.


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    Here read this.
    John is alot smarter than I am. LOL

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    The only thing I can tell you about the reticle is this, You need to look at the FOV and the subtention of the reticle.

    Lets think about this for a sec. Lets say the FOV @ 100yds @ 9x is 21feet to keep it simple. 10 mil's will be 36" or 1/7th of the FOV

    Lets say the FOV is 42feet @ 100yds, 10mil's will be 1/14th the FOV.

    So with a wider FOV the reticle looks smaller and can be harder to see.

    This is critical based on the reticle subtention. So if the reticle is thin, or real fine thats great on a 5-25x but not so much in s 3-9x

    So look at this and be smart about it.

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