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Thread: Just ordered my Nephew's Birthday present.

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    Just ordered my Nephew's Birthday present.

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    My Nephew turns 10 in September and I have been working with him on safety and range commands. He has impressed me with his progress. So, I met my Sister at Carolina gunrunners at lunch today and ordered one of these babie's. Still have some work to do with him between now and his Birthday, but we have time. A big thank you to Carolina gunrunners, great service and prices as always!

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    nice!!!!!im sure he'll love it....your a great uncle.

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    Thank you, he's a good kid. Kind of a knucklehead sometimes, but at that age what boy isn't? Besides he thinks he's cowboy, so this should be a good fit for him.

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    Have the Henry .22 myself(not the goldenboy though). It is just too much fun. Fit and finish are excellent. Your Nephew is gonna have a great b-day. (don't forget the cleaning kit and a brick of .22's)

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    I just got my 10 year old a shotgun from them. It was an enjoyable experience.

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    My Dad has a Henry in .22mag and always talks about how accurate it is. I actually want to get one for myself now. Should be some good male bonding there. Just the Boys shooting at cans and milk jugs.

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    Which caliber did you get it in; .22LR/Mag or .17HMR?

    My first rifle outside of a pellet rifle was a lever action Marlin and I was about the same age. He's got a great Uncle and it's fantastic that he's learning the essentials at such a young age. This sounds like the beginning of the stories you hear about the SEALs or Green Berets that do amazing things.

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    Went with the .22LR, ammo is cheaper. That way he doesn't blow all of his allowance on ammo. Don't have any kid's of my own so my Nephew's are like my Son's. Trying to teach them everything a guy should know but allow them to do it themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swordfish14 View Post
    Don't have any kid's of my own so my Nephew's are like my Son's. Trying to teach them everything a guy should know but allow them to do it themselves.
    Nice to hear they have someone to teach them proper firearm safety/handling/etiquette and that they don't have to rely on movies or videogames to teach them those fundamentals. Cheers to you.

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    Thanks GrnRanger, I always tell them if they step out of line they get a punch in the nose. It would never happen. If I see unsafe gun handling, the pellet rifle goes home with me. But when they do mess up as punishment they have to come over to my house and help with a random project. Anything from fixing a leaky faucet to helping me change the oil in my car. Heck, when the oldest one screwed up bad he had to clean my grill and then I taught him how smoke a pork shoulder and the rest of the family came over for dinner. But at almost 10 years old my Nephew has skills.

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