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Thread: Got Brass?

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    Got Brass?

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    Need Brass?

    The North Carolina State Surplus Department has eight pallets, yep EIGHT pallets of once spent .40 and 12 gauge brass up for bid.

    Here is the link:

    I honestly considered bidding for it but EIGHT pallets? That's a little more than will fit in my garage and the supply would probably outlast me. If it were full rounds, a group buy/bid could have been in order.

    Bottom line, someone had a heck of a time shooting up eight pallets of .40 and 12 gauge tax dollars. 8)

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    Scrap dealer here paying $1.70 a lb.
    So figure that at least.

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    if it was .45, i could think of a quite a few people on here who would probably split it up with you...

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    Good Gracious!

    You guys will never guess what this lot went for.


    The bid was awarded yesterday to the lucky winner for the sum of $7651.11

    Wow, I wonder if he knew they were spent? :lol:

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    scrap value alone is probably worth more than that

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    Quote Originally Posted by mekender
    scrap value alone is probably worth more than that
    You think? Maybe so. It was a boat load of brass. When I was thinking about bidding on it with a partner, we thought we saw some .223 boxes mixed in also but the estimate we calculated was about half of $7600.

    Then again, it wouldn't be the first time we undervalued something at bid.

    Man, I still wish it was live ammo. We coulda hosted the first CSF 12 gauge and .40 multi-gun, shoot 'til the barrel melts down, match 8)

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    At the $1.70 scrap brass rate around here, it would have to be 4,500 Lbs to cover the bid.

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    yeah id say way more than that weight, considering that the US government surplus auctions will have 3 or 4 bins that will go into the 3-5000lb range... 8 pallets would go way over that mark im sure...

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    I would buy it all if it was 223 and 45acp!!!

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