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Thread: Best mid-range scope (for AR-10) for the money

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    Best mid-range scope (for AR-10) for the money

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    I have a couple of the new CMMG cold hammer forged 16" .308 mk3's coming in a couple weeks (selling one if anyone is interested)- should be a pretty accurate rifle, I'll have a match trigger in it.
    I really want to be able to do some 3-600 yards shooting, and I'm working on finding a place soon.
    I am looking for a variable powered, mil dot scope with exposed .308/168gr turrets. Maybe 1.5-6,2-7 somewhere around there! other suggestions are welcome! Will also be using the gun for hog and deer hunting- but mainly at the range!
    Easy question- what is the best value on a USED scope AND mount under $500?

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    SS 3-9x42mm

    In a american defense 20 moa mount.

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    Millett TRS-1

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    I don't feel like I need a 4-16 with the trs-1... But the ss3-9x doesn't sound bad! Is 3x on the low setting low enough to "run n' gun" if needed? I liked the idea of a 16" barrel for my rifles because it would be a little lighter and more maneuverable...

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    Nikon M-223 2-8x32 under $300 and worth every penny love mine

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    3X will be a little on the strong side for run and gun. Its hard to find a scope that is cheap, has tons of elevation adjustment, will work for CQB, and precision. Not saying they aren't out there, but not for $500.

    SWFA 1-6 would be another one to look at, but again not for $500.
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    Can't really do 300-600yd shooting with a low power scope either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgcook View Post
    Can't really do 300-600yd shooting with a low power scope either.
    Not bullseye, but hits on steel or silhouette targets,yes.

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    I just bought a nice Leupold VR-x patrol 1.25-4x in a larue tactical spr mount.
    I decided that even though I would LOVE to do more 300-600 range shooting for fun, 100-300 was alot more practical considering the areas that I have access to shot at.
    It's got a couple really cool features that I like! it's 2.5 mil dots instead of 1 mil, which is the only thing I don't LOVE, but I think it'll still work out just fine!

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    I'm always partial to fixed power scopes. I'm on an IOR Valdada kick right now. I think they are definitely the most glass for the buck.

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    I also like range finding reticules like this one.
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    You may be right with the fixed 6x...
    I'd love to have a 1.5-6!!! But I don't know of any with a dece t reticle that I like.
    I love the single red dot in the center of the vx-r patrol- which is why I went with it... If it were only a 1.5-6....

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    I like the 2x7 range also. Vortex is good glass and value for the money. I heard they also stand behind there products with good customer service should you ever have a problem. I have a Viper 2x7, it's a good scope.They have the Viper PST 2.5x10x44 with BDC illuminated reticule. Since your trying to stay in budget the Burris PEPR mount, or the cheaper but just as good SWAFA SALT mount.

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