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    Last April I came to Alabama for a short-term consulting job. By September it became obvious that I was going to be here a while - especially since they made me an offer that really was too good to refuse. So I went ahead and leased a house, changed my address and got a driver's license.

    On September 29th I went on the county website, filled out my concealed carry application and paid my $20.00. That was it. No class, test, range time, additional test or finger printing. Zip. Nada. Yesterday, the 25th, I received a call from the Sheriff's office letting me know that my permit was ready to be picked up. The girl apologized for it taking so long (26 days!), and said the delay was from waiting on info from Cabarrus county, where I previously had a permit.

    I'm not posting this to rub anyone's nose in it, but to point out that this is the way it should be done! This is the fourth state that I've had a permit in. Oregon (many moons ago) was similar to NC in that you had to take a class and then show proficiency with a handgun. But no stupid purchase permits. Nevada was actually rather constrictive. You had to prove a "legitimate" reason for needing to carry a weapon, like transporting large sums of cash or working in a dangerous profession. They also required you to qualify, at a certified range, with each handgun you intended to carry. God help you if you got caught with a concealed handgun that you didn't qualify with! North Carolina? Well, no need to go into that one......

    So anyway, if you find yourself in the position of having to move to 'Bama, at least you can have one good thing to look forward to!
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    Constitutional carry is the way is SHOULD be done, but Alabama does sound nice compared to the way some other states work.
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