Battleground NC Won Big!

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    Gun Rights Supporters,

    Battleground NC won big last night, not only for the state, but for the nation.

    That said, I am not writing to declare victory, but instead to thank you for making that victory possible. It was you who donated to GRNC and helped distribute more than 110,000 “Remember in November” voter guides; you who bought tens of thousands of GRNC-PVF raffle tickets, enabling us to do 35,000 election mailings, 81,000 automated calls, 350,000 emails and dozens of radio spots; and you who defied media predictions by bringing true Americans to the polls in droves.

    The nation owes a debt to you

    In a victory nearly as great as vanquishing Hillary Clinton, Deborah Ross went down in flames in her bid for US Senate – and I assure you, it couldn’t have happened to a better leftist.

    Understand how closely we dodged that bullet: Had both Ross and Clinton won, Democrats would have controlled the Senate and thereby the complete confirmation process for a Supreme Court nomination which would have gutted your right to keep and bear arms. You are patriots, and have done patriots’ work.

    In Congress, we not only kept all Republicans, thanks to redistricting we replaced a RINO with gun shop owner Ted Budd, who will likely be a leader for the Second Amendment in Congress. I personally apologize to Budd for underestimating his bid during the congressional primary. We will not do so in the future.

    In this slugfest, we gave better than we got

    I wasn’t a perfect night. Buck Newton appears to have lost to leftist Josh Stein in the race for Attorney General, and Governor Pat McCrory is trailing Roy Cooper. Although Bob Edmunds appears to have lost for NC Supreme Court, we had a clean sweep of victories for the five conservatives running for NC Court of Appeals. In the long game, these victors are our next NC Supreme Court justices.

    In General Assembly races, all of our heroes will be returning, and Republicans appear to have retained supermajorities in both chambers. (Now I hope they will have the guts to over-ride a Cooper veto when we get Constitutional Carry onto his desk.)

    So as we enter the holiday season, here are my Christmas wishes for us all:
    • That all of the Hollywood hypocrites who swore they would move to Canada actually go. Now. (Actually, Mexico might be a better choice, since a brand new wall might keep them from coming back);
    • That the ostensibly “mainstream” media – which shed all vestiges of objectivity and paid pundits to tell “the little people” how our chances of victory were between 2% and 15% -- fire said pundits and replace them with real journalists who will report the news rather than telling us what it should be; and finally,
    • That we never, ever hear from the Clintons again.

      With the elections behind us and to the extent possible, the exhausted volunteers of GRNC will now take a short hiatus to recharge for the next round of battles, which may center on getting pro-gun legislation past an anti-gun Governor.

      I realize I have asked you to contribute heavily to GRNC, for which I hope you agree we have delivered. Frankly, we threw everything we had at the election. Sorry, but that’s all I know how to do.

      Now I hope you will consider a donation to help GRNC reload for the next battles by going to:

      For our part, GRNC will continue to use your generous support more efficiently and effectively than any other organization in defending your rights.

      Armatissimi e liberissimi,

    F. Paul Valone
    President, Grass Roots North Carolina
    Executive Director, Rights Watch Interenational
    Co-Treasurer, Judicial Fairness Project

    P.S. As a little, under-funded grassroots organization, we threw most of $100,000 at this election. Please consider$100, $50 or even $25 to help us reload for the coming battle.
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