First successful Graft!

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    Last year I ordered 12 apple trees from Century Farm Orchards in Reidsville.

    I planted them on March 17th last year.

    One of my trees had a sprout come up from the root stock. Another of my trees called an "Aunt Rachel" had a very low limb about two inches from the ground that needed pruning. I saw an opportunity to try something new.

    I dug up the root stock sprout and cut it off about three inches above ground level. I split it right down the center about and inch or so. The small limb, I cut from the "Aunt Rachel" I tapered on two sides as cleanly as possible and wedged deeply in to the split until the cambium layer on each side lined up. I then wrapped the graft very tightly with tape.

    I then planted the root in a large pot with potting soil. I set it in the flower bed in our front yard and watered it from time to time.

    That was in February. Now I have large leaves budding from the top of the grafted section and from a couple of places along the length of it. Most of the buds are swelling.

    I am very excited to think that it may actually have worked, and I will be able to add another tree to the orchard!

    I'll figure out how to get some pics loaded this afternoon.

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