Grayboe stock and Redhawk Rifles customer service experience

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    I liked the first Grayboe stock so much, they were my first choice for the next stock I needed. This one was unexpected. My match rifle barrel finally gave up the ghost and was shooting 3 moa 3 weeks before my first PRS match of the year, the MPA match in GA. Luckily I had a 308 that shot exceptionally well and I had load data on. Unfortunately, it was in a PSS stock, which I like a lot for bench/belly shooting, but not as much for positional, etc. And it has BDL bottom metal.
    So, I decided to pick up another Renegade from I ordered it in time to have it the Monday before the match so I could inlet the barrel, bed the action, install cheek riser and add flush cups in time to test fire Friday and head to the match Friday night. Everything went great with order and got a UPS shipping notification verifying delivery date. As this week passed, I checked on shipping a couple times and there were no updates. Thursday I emailed Redhawk and they said they had run out of the color I ordered, but got one in today and it would ship that afternoon. Friday morning early I received an email saying that the expected delivery date was Thursday before I leave for the match. That is gonna crunch my already small time line.
    I emailed Redhawk to explain this and they got in touch with Ryan M. at Grayboe and worked it out to drop ship me a stock on Tuesday. Thus bringing my timeline back into "doable" status and saving me from having to cancel one of the few large matches I am able to shoot this season. Both of these companies have been extraordinary to work with. I have emailed Grayboe a number of questions prior to my purchase, all of which were responded to promptly by the owner of the company. Redhawk has been great to deal with on a number of stocks I have purchased from them, but their solution to this problem shows their dedication to the final user and customer.

    Thanks to both of these companies for their prompt attention to my predicament and their actions to rectify it.

    If you are in the market for a new stock or any of the components that Redhawk sells, do not hesitate to buy from them.
    If you want a Grayboe stock, I have yet to find a down side to them and at their price point, I don't believe they will be surpassed.

    Ryan Barnes

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