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    In 2016, North Carolinians are facing the very real threat of the election of several ominously anti-gun candidates. Simply put:

    Electoral failure is not an option!

    This becomes particularly clear when one views these photos depicting the lengths anti-freedom operatives will go to intimidate and destroy. These are photos of the Orange County GOP office after it was firebombed last week.
    In order to protect gun rights in our state, GRNC-PVF is seeking volunteers to distribute the remaining voter guides, so that as many voters as possible will be armed with information on pro-gun, pro-liberty candidates, as well as information about their anti-gun opponents.

    GRNC President Paul Valone is seeking patriots to distribute even more voter guides---by any means. Hand them out to your friends, take them to church, distribute them at your gun club, take them door-to-door, mail them to people in your address book. . . you get the idea.

    Early voting has already started. Time is of the essence, and every vote counts. Any method you can dream up to get these guides into the hands of more voters will bring us another step closer to victory---critical, critical victory.


    It sure seems like freedom is just too big to fail, but ultimately, we are the ones responsible for its success. Please consider taking any steps you can to help GRNC-PVF get the word out during this important election. Find details below on how to receive voter guides for you to distribute:

    To receive voter guides for distribution, please email Paul Valone at:

    Use the subject line: "Voter Guide Volunteer"

    Include your mailing address, and if it is a P.O. Box, please include a physical address as well.

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