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    Dear Gun Rights Supporter,

    Thanks to your generous support, since the beginning of 2016, Grass Roots North Carolina has embarked on one of its most ambitious election efforts. Today, the GRNC Political Victory Fund and its sister entity, the Judicial Fairness Project, crowned those efforts by kicking off three radio campaigns in major North Carolina markets.
    • The first advocates Senator Buck Newton for Attorney General. As you may recall, Newton (GRNC ****) was largely responsible for the three pro-gun omnibus bills successfully shepherded by GRNC in recent years. He is opposed by anti-gun leftist Josh Stein (GRNC 0-star). To hear the radio spot, CLICK HERE or go to:
    • The second ad advocates Bob Edmunds for Supreme Court. Edmunds has served since 2001 and faces liberal Michael Morgan for the seat. Like the US Supreme Court, conservative control of the NC Supreme Court hangs in the balance. To hear the radio spot, CLICK HERE or go to:
    • The third ad is my personal message to gun voters reminding them that whoever wins the presidential election gets to make the next US Supreme Court nomination, and that a Hillary Clinton nomination will most certainly attack gun rights for decades to come, potentially paving the way for the Australia-style gun confiscation Clinton has already said she wants. To hear the radio spot, CLICK HERE or go to:
    We’re firing every round of available ammunition

    As always, GRNC is “all in” on the election. Some highlights:
    • 128,000 pieces mailed, including 75,000 “Remember in November” voter guides mailed directly to gun-owning voters;
    • 110,000 Remember in November voter guides printed and distributed not only via mailings but also gun shops, gun shows and volunteers;
    • GRNC-PVF mailings and robocalls into 15 state House and Senate districts;
    • 81,000 telephone election alerts;
    • 3 radio campaigns (as described above); and
    • Hundreds of thousands of email election alerts.
    How you can help ensure success

    I can’t tell you how this election will end. (Frankly, anyone who claims they can is probably a charlatan or a fool.) But here is how you can improve our odds:

    • VOTE JUDICIAL RACES, and I don’t mean just Bob Edmunds for NC Supreme Court, but also NC Court of Appeal races: Vote Phil Berger, Jr., Rich Dietz, Bob Hunter, Hunter Murphy, and Valery Zachary. For more information, CLICK HERE or check

    Armatissimi e lilberissimi,


    F. Paul Valone
    President, Grass Roots North Carolina
    Executive Director, Rights Watch International
    Co-Treasurer, Judicial Fairness Project

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