Ithaca deerslayer choke?

Discussion in 'Shotgun Forum' started by RedneckFur, Dec 12, 2016.

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    I recently picked up a nice, older Ithaca featherlight deerslayer. Early 70's vintage.

    I'd always assumed that "slug" guns would have open chokes. My Remington 870 has an open bore with no choke.

    I decided to try the dime test on the deerslayer, and found that it is as tight as a Remington's full choke. I think that's odd, so I searched online to see what information I could pull up on them, and found very little info at all.

    So you fellows who know shotguns really well, did Ithaca really put a full choke on their "slug" guns? Is there a reason for that?

    I've shot about 50 rounds through it so far. It's not impressive at all with bird shot. With 00 buck, it groups about 12 inches at 25 yards, and with slugs it shoots cloverleafs at 25 yards. Also kicks like a grumpy mule.
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    We had a 16ga deerslayer slug gun that was likely a mid-50s build. I recall as a kid (early/mid 80s) that it was dead nuts with slugs and worthless with shot. That was way before I knew anything about chokes, etc.

    My cousin has/had that gun now.
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    I have one in a 12 ga. Rifled barrels only good with slugs. Everything else is scattered too much.

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