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    Jan 18, 2012
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    We have been in communication with several folks here who offer multiple and ongoing products for sale in the classifieds about the issue of the classifieds by design being free for members as individuals to buy / sell / or trade... and commercial posts being reserved for our site sponsors.

    Several members who make products like holsters or buy in bulk to resell (and some who sell products for friends who own pawn shops etc) would like the option to do so without becoming a full site sponsor.

    The result is we now offer a Club Vendor option for those who would like an alternative. You can upgrade your membership to Vendor status by clicking Settings (in the top right corner) -> Paid Subscriptions (down the left navigation under My Settings/My Account. Here are the benefits:

    1. "Vendor" title under your name.
    2. Up to 500 Private Messages can be stored.
    3. Can PM up to 5 Members at once.
    4. Rate options are either $10 per month or $100 per year.

    If the follow applies to you, then yes you should consider becoming a vendor.

    1. Produce your own products ie holsters etc and would like to sell multiples to the Club.
    2. You are selling multiple products for your friend who owns a Pawn Shop or
    3. are some form of a commercial entity offering numerous products.
    4. You buy in bulk and would like to sell multiple items in the classifieds.
    5. You simply are not the average individual who is simply looking for BST deals here.

    We simply ask that you use your judgement while being fair to our supporting sponsors. We appreciate the support!

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