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  1. bennnn

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    Jul 12, 2007
    North Carolina
    An easy to understand and numbered list of rules has been posted in all the classifieds forums.

    Nothing has really changed from what you are used to, but some things have been clarified and consolidated. WTT ads don't have to have a hard price any more, but please read through them at least once.

    There are 8 items that outline how to keep the classifieds moving, but it's all stuff y'all basically already do anyway.

    This update does not mean there is going to be some big crack-down or enforcement squad running around, they just needed a clean-up and consolidation.

    Please take a minute to go over the numbered list.

    PS - I just wrote these in one shot without an editor a few minutes ago, so if you see a typo PM me. :)

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