Smith & Alexander, Inc. - "The Mag-Guide People" (1911 magwells) Very good experience thus far-

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    Dec 12, 2012
    I just got off the phone with these folks in TX who are in the 1911 mag-well business (in their terms, "mag guides"). Spoke with Barbara Smith, and her husband, Alan Smith, who happily spent 45 minutes with me on the phone schooling me on 1911 mainspring housing options and mag wells for competition and carry.

    What great folks. He was sponsor number one when Bill Wilson was getting IDPA off the ground, and also sold his mag wells to Colt's custom shop back he was still willing to do business with large corporate clients.

    Anyway, I'm just not used to getting that much free expert advice over the phone and I'll be ordering one of their mag-well/ mainspring housings over the phone, since that's the only way they take orders, unless you order from Brownell's or others.
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