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Discussion in 'Knives and Gear' started by ArbowAxle, Jul 22, 2012.

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    Help me out some some of your opinions and experiences!! I'm looking at purchasing a spotting scope and these are some choices I'm interested in. I'm open to hearing about other spotting scopes not mentioned below. I'm not interested in poor glass such as NC Star, Barska, Simmons, etc. I would however like decent glass such as Nikon, or Leupold glass. My MAX budget with a small tripod and case is $1100. Mostly shooting prone or from a bench so I'm leaning towards an angled body scope. I'm dead set on a 60 power or better but on my budget I don't think I'm going to get any better than a a 60X. The Konus seems to be very popular.......
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    I love my Konus. I have a 60mm model, instead of the 100mm, and really I don't see a reason to spend an extra $100 for the bigger objective. My 60mm model gathers plenty of light, even at dusk, but I suppose if you REALLY wanted as much brightness as possible, the 100mm would be the way to go.
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    If you can afford it, look into getting a Kowa. The optics are pricey, but well worth the cost for the quality. The TSN601 series is quite nice. I've been shooting NRA/CMP highpower with a TSN821 for many years now and don't regret laying out the money.

    I'm guessing that your goal with 60X (or higher) magnification is to spot bullet holes? While high magnification does help, seeing bullet holes at longer ranges is usually dependent upon outside conditions. Cranking up the magnification tends to amplify conditions and distortion... especially mirage. Not to mention the field of view goes down as the magnification goes up. Bump the scope at 60X and you can spend some time hunting for the target again! I think that something in the 30X range is a nice compromise.

    Also... don't cheap out on the mount either. Camera-type tripods have their place, but a solid, easily adjustable stand with an adjustable head is the way to go. Creedmoor Sports sells the old Ray-Vin spotting scope stands, and they make a small 12" version which should work both on the bench and for prone shooting ( First Strike Products also makes a really good stand, which I use for my Kowa TSN821 in NRA/CMP match shooting.
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  4. K.Lee

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    At that high power I'd def go with a kowa for your budget. I had a bushnell 20-60 flp with ED glass and it was great. I sold it bc I needed a reticle in the spotter.
  5. Winchester

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    Dec 19, 2010
    Right in your price range. Almost exact. For that budget I suggest the 82mm 75x Nikon Fieldscope ED.

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