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  1. startrek
    startrek jarheadrule
    Hello, if you don't mind could you remove me from the site, it's been great but I just don't have the interest I once had, thank you for your time.
  2. roger purcella
    roger purcella
    sitting in my shop wondering what color goes with hk blue gray and tactical black
  3. plunker22
    plunker22 DaveB
    Dave, will take the 40 cal brass, but will not be able to meet in Rowan Co. Sat. until early afternoon (1 - 2 pm). Please let me know if possible and location.

    1. DaveB
      Sorry I was at the Rowan range last weekend for the uspsa match. I am going to be at the CGGR match in Asheboro this weekend (5-16) so could meet up on the way either up which would be probably 8:00 am or earlier or on the way back which would be 3-4 on Saturday.

      Let me know if either of those options work for you.
      May 12, 2020
  4. Drake Puzey
    Drake Puzey Ebone
    Hey is your 804cf available?
  5. Melissa Spencer
    Melissa Spencer RobC2
    Is the 9mm ammo available and is it brass?
  6. swardrn
    swardrn Jaysop
    Hey I have a very nice Browning 1911-22 if you think you’d like a trade. It is practically new only downside is it comes with only one magazine. Phenomenal gun if you might be interested message me
  7. Tim elderdice
    Tim elderdice Hkmp5sd
    Do you still have primers
  8. Mike Aycock
    Mike Aycock
    From Wake Forest, NC. Love to shoot pistols. Glad to be here.
  9. Chinopants
    Chinopants Shiftee
    hey still selling the Pico? i'm in Cary let me know if you want to meet up. I have my Conceal and Carry. Feel free to text me at 413-887-1352
  10. Ben W.
    Ben W. dbracin
    I'm interested in the 9mm upper. If it's still for sale drop me a line here, please.
  11. stretch1
    stretch1 Steve1968LS2
    Hello I am interested in the AR you have up for sale. I could do with the sights and pick up today if you would like. I am in Burlington NC.

    Thanks, Mike aka Stretch
    Hey buddy, is the Hornady press still up for grabs?
  13. roger purcella
    roger purcella
    sitting in my shop contemplating making a mosin nagant into a 45/70 for a customer
  14. DWFR
    DWFR Ammoholic
    Sorry, I sold all 11K rounds. I've been helping out an elderly friend who used to be LE/PI and was a firearm trainer, he acquired a lot of ammunition over the years. If I run across any more 308/7.62x51 ammo I'll reach out to you.
    1. Ammoholic
      10-4, thank you Sir!
      Apr 9, 2020
  15. Thomas M. Coyne
    Thomas M. Coyne Tappet1000
    Dear Sir,
    Have you sold the Ruger Gold Label advertised last year $2000?
  16. Phil McBride
    Phil McBride Phantom
    Interested in the just right carbine
  17. m-forgery
  18. gih
    gih jbird17
  19. gaustin70
  20. gaustin70
    gaustin70 carolina sorillo
    I'll take the .22 ammo also if the other buyer doesn't work out
  21. Shine
    Shine Heath Mccormick
    Any interest in glock 43
  22. Shine
    Shine Elmacho
    Trade for like new 43. Box gun and 2 mags for box gun and 2 mags and you keep your accessories? Just an offer
  23. kbmiller
    kbmiller Jmauld
    I’m interested in the takedown but I’m in Charlotte. I will be at the Wilmington KOA 3/19-3/22 if it’s still available.
    1. Jmauld
      I’ll meet up with you if it’s still available at that time!
      Feb 26, 2020
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  24. Tarheelted
    Tarheelted jta272
    Just checking to see if you got my trade offer. My 9mm ammo for your Glock 43 mags? I tried sending it to your gmail.

  25. East of Here
    East of Here
    Pitter patter...
  26. nature boy
    nature boy
    Styling and profiling
  27. newnornet
    newnornet Bozza
    Interested in the Glock based on the round count and appearance in the pics. I am in Goldsboro and will travel to the south side of Raleigh if we agree on a price. Can U tell me what is your lowest acceptable offer? Then no more haggling. Mark [email protected]
  28. Bill Keathley
    Bill Keathley catcountry
    You asked would I sale my TC Encore with out scope, answer is yes for $700 dollars.
    I replied and never got any response.
    Bill K
  29. A.Pickle
    A.Pickle SteelyNirvana
    I have an M44 in the same condition and price I’d sell if you are still looking. I am in Wake Forest.
  30. Hoagimus Maximus
    Hoagimus Maximus gregory olive
    Hey, I sold a couple of items to you a few years ago. I remember 1 of the items was a Glock 34. Anyway, I only left you feedback for 1 of the transactions. Sorry about that. I just went back and left you positive feedback for the other. Thanks again!