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New Profile Posts

  1. Longshot4
    Longshot4 A.Pickle
    If you still have the 9 I’ll take it . Just let me know.

  2. BUZZARD464
    BUZZARD464 turtle
    If you wish to meet give me a call tomorrow.

  3. Tim elderdice
    Tim elderdice Dreed
    I will come buy them today
    1. Dreed
      Only have large pistol and large rifle
      Nov 29, 2020 at 6:19 PM
  4. Trent Gammons
    Trent Gammons
    I like AK’s AR’s pistols and rifles of all brands. Hunting whitetail, fishing, and kayaking are things I do often. God bless America
  5. Mike J Dodson
    Mike J Dodson Piratekevin
    Will you take $1,000 cash for FNX 45 .
  6. Phillip Caldwell
    Phillip Caldwell copdills
    Hyatt's in Charlotte usually has shot in inventory
  7. 84crawling
    84crawling P-bo19D
    What part of Charlotte are you close to? I’d like to get the 30-06 Monday if possible. I work Close to university area
  8. Walter
    Walter mikeh19d
    HI mkeh19d's would like to talk about the C91 call me at 704 239 1114 Water in Salisbury
  9. outlaw450r1
  10. Tim elderdice
    Tim elderdice Dreed
    Do you still have small primers
    1. Dreed
      Small rifle. Large rifle and large magnum rifle, large pistol
      Nov 5, 2020
  11. shootem
    shootem BenNC2
  12. Bugzee
    Bugzee Hargate
    Hey buddy. Just wanted to let you know that I’m going to pass on the ATN at the moment. Thanks for the info on it. Have a good rest of ur evening.
    1. Hargate likes this.
  13. mgucci
    mgucci Dreed
    hey, did the 9mm ammo sell already?
    if not are they new or reloads.
    1. Dreed
      I sent you a PM. They haven’t sold yet and they’re brand new factory ammo.
      Oct 20, 2020
    Hey Blades,

    Are you referring to the gun pictured “as is”??
  15. Jeppo
    Jeppo MuShu Gordon
    RIP Sir :-(
  16. Michael Moore
    Michael Moore sjl1614
    Great transaction. Thanks!
  17. rbrooks
    rbrooks ShawnGuns
    I will take the 740 ..
  18. Mark Darden
    Mark Darden
    "Things have never been more like they are than they are today." Spiro Agnew
  19. thoma018
    thoma018 hog1340
    easy transaction, no hassel, good guy to do business with, thanks
  20. Scout00
    Scout00 Falcon746712
    good morning, just saw a message in my inbox about the FNX-45
    RTBARMS Grease Belly
    You can text me at 704-604.3993 is you prefer
  22. richard corn
    richard corn ncspeedsix
    damn you Tyler you beat me to the punch. Nice looking mini-14
    1. ncspeedsix
      Thanks Richard!
      Sep 23, 2020
  23. ChipWW
    ChipWW XD40Serv
    Do you get to edenton or e city any? Can you text me? i am gonna be on road and away from computer, thanks 252-398-7315
  24. thoma018
    thoma018 Humdinger
    headed to Charlotte this weekend. Stil have the 270 ?
  25. Walter
    Walter glkguy
    Thanks for info. you can tell am I new , just checking what things were selling for in the past few months and and thought I would roll the dice.
  26. Tim elderdice
    Tim elderdice bowtoot
    Do you still have this.
    1. bowtoot
      Found it. I do still have it.
      Sep 25, 2020
  27. opaul
    opaul ugafx4
    A friend told me you had a Sig P6 for sale?
  28. Walter
    Walter BuckoFama
    HI, just looking back and saw your post is the Glock 27 / 9 mm still for sale ? call me 704 239 - 1114 Salisbury area. Thanks Walter
    1. BuckoFama
      It is not, sorry. I need to update the post.
      Sep 16, 2020
  29. Walter
    Walter ppirate
    I am newbe at this, still working out replies. I live in Salisbury area.
  30. Walter
    Walter ppirate
    What part of NC do you live ?