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New Profile Posts

  1. Pino marzola
    Pino marzola musik99
    Yeah, I live in Murrells Inlet I'll take the ammo my number is 714 335 5364
  2. Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez William Austin
    Thanks for the heads up. I am in the process of editing my Ruger 700 also. Senior moment. Thanks again
  4. Matt0520
    Matt0520 Scooterrolls
    Hey bro, its Matt with the 45 brass.
    Give me a text. 9105805775
    It depends on when you want to meet. This weekend or during the week?
  5. iverson landis
    iverson landis disgruntledelf7
    I’m interested do you still have the 30-06?
    1. disgruntledelf7
      I still have the 30-06 ammo. Not sure if you asking about the ammo or the gun?
      May 20, 2021
  6. jclarkfischer
    jclarkfischer disgruntledelf7
    If you still have them I will buy and pay shipping to Winston. My direct number is 3369622427. Thanks. Clark
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  7. lethalforehand
    lethalforehand disgruntledelf7
    i would be willing to meet up and buy the 22 ammo. I live in Clayton. You can text me 919-632-0441
  8. Hose0058
    Hose0058 Harold Pressley
    How much for an athon ares etr?
  9. john_bud
    john_bud Howland
    I like kitties... bunnies eat mamma's flowers
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    2. Howland
      Pictured is confirmed rabbit #14. She eats everything. Eyes, jaws, teeth, claws, everything!

      Except the stomach and bladder. Those she leaves as gifts for me. On the front step, of course.

      Give a holler sometime, we'll get out to the Pickens range.
      Apr 28, 2021
  10. Larry Zeigler
    Larry Zeigler crazycrap
    how long before an item is posted for sale on here I've never done this before
  11. thebyrd
    thebyrd Untamedamerican7.62x39
    What would it take to buy the mini 14?
    Text me at 843 450 4494.
  12. Hector sanchez
    Hector sanchez JTM35A2
    What’s best price on the AK ?
  13. Fuzzy Eagle
    Fuzzy Eagle Have gun-will travel
    I had the AR pistol. I was cross posted so they deleted my post in long guns. Just FYI if you're still interested
  14. 9mmEverything
    9mmEverything Matt Sechler
    Hi, friend. I just saw your post WTB an LCP. Did you find one already?
  15. dio
    dio rhodney
    325 .00 ??
    JAMES KELLY Blake Williams
    PLS CALL ME---704 647 4649
    1. Blake Williams
      Blake Williams
      I don’t have ammo for sale. Are you interested in the Star BM pistol?
      Mar 31, 2021
  18. MikeHRL
    MikeHRL Jeremy002
    Hi, how many rounds does that cz hold?
    1. Jeremy002
      Mar 23, 2021
  19. atc4usmc
    atc4usmc MyTimothy
    What type of leupold spotting scope do you have? Can you send pics?
    1. MyTimothy
      if U will give me a cell number that can receive text pics which is the only way I can do pics
      Mar 18, 2021
  20. John Mohan
    John Mohan Pepe Silvia
    Can u take 1300 for the Cold ar15 I am in Wilmington
  21. sradcliff
    sradcliff jneese
    Can I see a few more pics of the 270 rifle please sir? Where are u located?
  22. Dexter Bumgarner
    Dexter Bumgarner page392
    i am looking for small rifle primers of any type. what do you have available?
  23. Belcher
    “Hello everybody”
  24. Ncdsquare
    Ncdsquare redclay7
    Great seller, even better person! EZ to work with, and fair.
  25. redclay7
    redclay7 Ncdsquare
    Very nice fellow to do business with - very pleasant and a gun guy...redclay7
  26. Sharps4050
    Sharps4050 458cris
  27. grant d.
    grant d. Sorumorhasit
    If you can meet in statesville Tuesday I’ll take it.
    1. Sorumorhasit
      I never make it that way sorry. I work north of Greensboro.
      Feb 27, 2021
  28. Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez connolpm
    336-298-7897 no text please. Yes I have a CCW and if you give me a direct email I can send you a copy in advance; [email protected]
  29. grant d.
    grant d. Black Dog
    Any idea when this pistol was made?
  30. fcohoon
    fcohoon mallard
    That's a little far for me, but thanks--it's a nice looking rifle. Good luck on the sale!