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  1. tdw1954
  2. HF_DX'er
    Maybe try replying to your own post with the word BUMP. However be conservative doing so.
  3. Todd
    Todd street glide
    $450 and I can meet you today or tomorrow.
  4. Wills
    Wills jlpskydive
    Can you advise me how to bump a post so I don't have to keep reposting the same post ?
  5. Wills
    Wills jarheadrule
    Can you advise me how to bump a post so I don't have to keep reposting the same post ?
  6. Wills
    Wills HF_DX'er
    Can you advise me how to bump a post so I don't have to keep reposting the same post ?
  7. Wills
    Wills bennnn
    Can you advise me how to bump a post so I don't have to keep reposting the same post ?
  8. mos
    mos mada1219
    Greetings! If the K98 is still available I am interested in maybe buying it. If it’s still on the table, could you text me some pics of it (336-894-0154)? Thanks!

  9. Thomas Turnerville
    Thomas Turnerville Drue
    Still kave k31?
  10. Walter
    Walter SeriouslyFrivelous
    Hi SF , can you send pictures of left side of the FAL , text them to 704 230 - 1114 . Thanks Walter
  11. mfoley
    mfoley Hkmp5sd
    Are you still looking for IMR 4895? I have an unopened 1lb jug. In N Raleigh and work in Cary. Give me a text 919-621-1213
  12. Mike Mckenzie
    Mike Mckenzie
    I have RDIAS for 9k have 5 of them in stock
  13. Scott Huskins
    Scott Huskins crashclint
    You can send the PayPal payment to [email protected] for the 44 mag brass an please be sure to send me your address I always use USPS priority mail. I will also send you the tracking number thanks again Scott
  14. Johnny44
    Johnny44 Steven Cates
    Hey Steven I have 25-06 if you're interested,It's a Rem 700 SSF sendero with a 6.5-20x50 leupold scope
  15. Keeppowderdry
    Thanks to all the lookers. The ammo has been sold.
  16. Keeppowderdry
    I have some 380 ammo I would like to trade for some 9mm.
  17. preston1026
    preston1026 hatch
    hi, you once listed a mossberg super shorty, would you still be open to selling for it?
    [email protected]
  18. FullMetalMarket
    Check out some great firearms and knives on!
  19. Fixer upper
    Fixer upper alpine190
    I have cash in hand for the left handed Ruger and l am willing to drive to High Point on Monday, Oct. 11th.
  20. procobob
    procobob bennnn
    Hi. I am trying to leave feedback for a member and it keeps giving me an error message "The following error occurred:
    Invalid thread specified. You can leave feedback only for the starter of the thread or if you have started the thread."
    I am using the correct thread URL and I am the starter. What am I doing wrong?
  21. Chris Nooe
    Chris Nooe
    Henry Big boy X-Model 357/38 for sale. Like new. In the box. $850 firm or trade for Ruger American Ranch 350 legend. Txt 910-975-2937
  22. BIG BUCK 89
    BIG BUCK 89 startrek
    How’s it going man this is James I got a CVA scout 45-70 rifle from you awhile back I seen you had a 30-30 H&R topper for sale any way I could meet too come pick it up I met your brother last time in wadesboro
  23. Walter
    Walter oldskoolj
    Hi oldskoolj , when you sale your PSA I have some Russian ammo for sale if you will pass along my number 704 239 -1114 or contact me here. Thanks Walter
  24. Scott Huskins
    Scott Huskins WallEye
    Yes what caliber were you needing again
    1. WallEye likes this.
    2. WallEye
      300wm, and some others
      Oct 4, 2021
  25. Steve Vedell
    Steve Vedell
    Status is married with Children...
  26. Old Rebel
    Old Rebel anthonybelcher
    I am unable to send pictures. The mower looks almost new but with a bad transmission . Thanks
  27. T3hGh0st
    T3hGh0st rhodney
    Hello, I messaged about your RS Regulate 303m mount, I can pay as soon as you can accept it. Please let me know
  28. Tim elderdice
    Tim elderdice clay_fv
    I am in Holly Springs
  29. Tim elderdice
    Tim elderdice clay_fv
    Do you still have spp I have tried every time with u lol
  30. Matt Abrahams