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  1. Handguns for Sale
    New in box Mossberg Shockwave with stainless cerakote. $920 package for $700, price list is as follows. ONLY trade interest is a Kimber K6s 2". Check out my other listings as well. Located in Raleigh/Durham area Ccw/pistol purchase permit required. No exceptions! Mossberg Shockwave - $500...
  2. Long Guns for Sale
    Gen 3 Black 18.5" Barrel 7+1 Briley MFG Aluminum Bolt Handle Basically brand new. Only 8 rounds fired through this gun. Comes with all factory parts and accessories. $1300 OBO All trade offers welcome. I'd love an M1A Socom 16 or a decent variable magnification FFP MRAD scope. Also could...
  3. Long Guns for Sale
    Looking to trade my 12g pump w/ box of buckshot towards an SKS or straight up for a Mosin 91/30..
1-3 of 3 Results