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  1. Long Guns for Sale
  2. Wanted
    Prefer 18.5" SS JM but will consider what you have (45-70 only). Interested in 336 in 30-30 in $3-400 range. I'm in Greensboro.
  3. Wanted
    336 - looking for a 30-30 shooter... doesn't need to be pristin... Prefer JM.. $300-400 1895 - Prefer JM 18.5" length in SS but will consider others Greensboro NC (prefer local)
  4. Long Guns for Sale
    For sale is an excellent condition Marlin 1895 in 45-70. JM stamped gun. XS sights and XS scout rail. EXTREMELY fun gun to shoot. Blueing is absolutely gorgeous. Located in Mount Airy but willing to travel to Winston if it's halfway between us. $675 cash. Only trade I'd be interested in would be...
1-4 of 4 Results