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  1. Long Guns for Sale
    This is a great gun for 2 or 3 gun or competitions. It has the following like new SMOS upper- 13.6 handguard Faxon match gunner 14.5 barrel VG6 muzzle break SRC BCG Superlative Arms adj gas block Geissele Super Charging Handle Aero lower. CMC 2.5lbs flat trigger B5 buttstock $1400
    $1,250 USD
  2. Parts & Accessories
    Large wheeled cart, recent use to matches this last year, works great. Air filled tires, steering wheel lock, foldable steel shelf, accessory pouch with cupholders, large flat movable shelf with storage compartment underneath, holds 2 rifles/carbines, front tool box ammo case is fixed to the...
  3. Parts & Accessories
    Newly created 3 gun cart. Has attached ammo tool, accessary box (front) plus 2 removable ammo boxes, included. Large air-filled wheels for rough terrain, steerable (and steering lock) front wheel, large storage space on bottom, new rifle/carbine holders, cupholders with compartment, cart folds...
  4. Long Guns for Sale
    For sale: Mossberg 590 Mariner shotgun. Ive had this shotgun for over 20 years. I never used it much. Its time for it to go. It probably has around 500 shells through it. ATI positional stock and grip; railed pump handle. side saddle 6-shell holder, from what I remember it holds 9 shells; Sig...
  5. Long Guns for Sale
    For sale, UTAS XTR 12 shotgun. Same ergonomics as the AR 15/10 rifles. Like new, comes with factory box and paperwork, 5 rd magazine. Also comes with Archangel sling with 2 quick releases; 2x 10 shell magazines; Magpul AFG. Only 50 shells through it. Selling because its too bulky for 3 gun...
  6. Handguns for Sale
    I have a limited custom Tanfoglio in 9mm for sale. Also included is some blade tech holster, extra springs, all factory springs, guide rod, and trigger. Have less than 1500 rds through it. Has 2 light scratches on it that are noticeable and will be shown in pictures. Had to take dremmel to the...
  7. Handguns for Sale
    pics say it all. Has kkm precision barrel with compensator and plus 4 (I think) mag ext. good setup for 3 gun. Factory barrel included. Best way to contact is by call or text 9105400570 $500 ftf in 28412 area code. Or will ship on your dime. All laws apply I have tons of 33 round Glock mags...
  8. Long Guns for Sale
    Looking for a 3 Gun Shotgun to trade or purchase. Preferred a complete set up if possible.
  9. Shooting Sports & Competitions
    Time slotted and hard core carry everything. This is not a first time shooters match. Free to observe how the Ambush Action Series works at Frontline Defense! 100% steel. Must register on the site for a time slot. Here's a link.
1-9 of 9 Results