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  1. Ammo
    Update 6/15: Added Barnes VOR-TX 180gr 300 Win. Mag. trade. I have two brand new 20rd boxes of Hornady Precision Hunter 200gr ELD-X in 300 Win. Mag. that I would like to trade for an equal number of boxes of Hornady Precision Hunter 178gr ELD-X in 308 Win. Will ship, but prefer to meet, as...
  2. Ammo
    Purchased a brand new box this week of Barnes VOR-TX ammo (165gr 300 Win. Mag.) and would like to trade it for the 180gr variety. Mistakenly purchased 165gr instead of 180gr, and cannot return it to the retailer. Of course, box is unopened (sealed with factory tape on both ends) and undamaged...
1-2 of 2 Results