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  1. Long Guns for Sale
    You are looking at a Used low round count Windham Weaponry AR-10 model WW-308 Comes with a 18 inch barrel, Magpul PRS adjustable sniper rear stock, Panther Sniper Pistol Grip with Platfor, BCM Gunfighter extended charge handle, Olin Arms skeletonized mag release, Also comes with 2-20 round...
    $1,500 USD
  2. Reloading Equipment and Components
    .50BMG - $0.50/ea -Some have been tumbled. All once-fired. 30-06 - 65pcs for $20 - tumbled & polished -All are PPU headstamp. All once-fired. .308 Win - $30/100 - tumbled & polished -Mostly PMC and Federal commercial. A few NATO casings mixed in. All once-fired. .303 British - 45pcs for...
  3. Parts & Accessories
    NC - WTS - Handguard, Pistol Buffer Tube, Linear Compensators 5/8x24, and other accessories | Carolina Shooters Club
  4. Long Guns for Sale
    POF 308 16" $1500 like new. Took out once and put ten rounds through it, in excellent condition. Comes with two 20 round pmags and one 25 round pmag. Located in Charlotte
  5. Long Guns for Sale
    I have for sale a Windham Weaponry R16SFST AR10 in 308. Comes with an upgraded Magpul ACS stock, and a Spike’s dynacomp muzzle brake, as well as 2 pmags. Has a 16.5” barrel with a Midwest industries keymod rail (from the factory). I’ll take $800 cash for the rifle. Rifle goes brand new for...
  6. Long Guns for Sale
    NIB savage stealth 10BA 308 short action. NW Greensboro/Near oak ridge. FTF,copy of your ID and Bill of sale Spf
  7. Long Guns for Sale
    DROPPED PRICE TO $350 Put about ~30 through this, since I'm not a hunter, this is something I'd like to sell. No use putting that kinda money into ammo to fire through paper. .308 Mossberg Patriot w/ factory upgraded optics. 4-16X50MM Scope, 1 in 10 twist rate, 13.75" LoP Paid $475 OTD - so...
  8. Long Guns for Sale
    I've Decided to dismantle one of my AR-10's, low round count in this one. It's a complete CMMG Mk3 lower (less buffer tube, components and stock). Billet 6061 Aluminum accepts LR-308/ SR-25 Pattern Magazines (Magpul) Phase 5 enhanced LPK which includes the extended bolt release, Guntec anti...
  9. Long Guns
    Anyone with experience with DPMS GII 308? I'm wanting a lightweight 308 carbine. Is the GII a totally new platform, or does it have any compatibility with the original platform? I'm guessing the uppers and lowers won't mate, but does it use a standard DPMS pattern barrel?
  10. Long Guns for Sale
    Savage axis 308 with adjustable bipod, custom adjustable cheek riser, Witt machine clamp on muzzle brake, trigger job, dnz products game reaper one piece scope mount, Bushnell 3x9 scope, and soft case $450 obo will trade for entry full size 9mm handgun. But will entertain all offers. Email me...
  11. Reloading Equipment and Components
    308 Winchester/7.62X51 once fired, reloadable brass for sale. I have about 5.5K of this brass sitting around. After processing 5K, I decided I had plenty. This is the last box I have not processed for reloading. There is approximately 425+ pieces in the box. This is military range p/u brass...
1-11 of 11 Results