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  1. Ammo
    Want To Trade a new box of Hornady Black V Max 6.8 SPC 110 Grain - 20 rds I am Looking for: New never opened 1lbs of CFE Pistol Powder New never opened 1lbs of CFE 223 New never opened 1lbs of TAC Powder NIB - Hornady 9mm Critical Defense NIB - Speer 9mm Gold Dot I'm in north Charlotte. FTF...
  2. Long Guns for Sale
    Very excellent condition Noveske 6.8 rifle. Maybe 400 rounds fired through it. The upper is a factory built Gen 1. Lower is Gen 3. Mid-length gas system, st-t2 buffer, Springco Blue power buffer spring, geisselle SD-C trigger, battle arms development enhanced titanium takedown pins, Battle Arms...
  3. Long Guns for Sale
1-3 of 3 Results