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  1. Reloading Equipment and Components
    I have approximately 17 to 18 pounds of once fired .45 brass to trade. Would like similar amounts of either .223 or 9mm brass. Prefer a location near Caldwell Co. Nc
  2. Parts & Accessories
    Koplin 6.0 gun boot, Impact model with extra padding. Comes with a mounting bracket ($25 value). New in box. $60
  3. Reloading Equipment and Components
    Looking for brass for a friend. He would like to purchase at least 50 cases. PM me what you have and a price. Thanks -Glockhead
  4. Reloading Equipment and Components
    Looking for 500 cases of 380. PSA has 2k listed for $100 but not looking for that many. Located in Kernersville. I have some AR stuff for trade which i would prefer but also willing to buy outright.
1-4 of 4 Results