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  1. Reloading Equipment and Components
    Sold, pending funds. Will update. Federal .150 Large Pistol primers. 1000 per box $85.00 per box. Unfortunately, this is a hazmat item so the sale will go as usual in these cases. (F2F only, reasonable, shared travel if you are far from Graham, NC) 2 boxes available Text is best, 919.389.4697...
    $85 USD
  2. Sold 45-70 ammo

    Selling some 45-70 ammo that I have in my safe left from my lever I sold. 60 rounds of federal fusion 300 gr, 60 rounds of hornady leverevolution fitz 325 gr, 40 rounds of hornady subsonic 410 gr, 19 rounds of black butterfly 576 gr acme Buffalo hump, and 19 rounds of 200 gr maker trex...
    $400 USD
  3. Ammo
    I have 20 rd boxes of Federal Fusion 300 Winchester Short Magnum in 165 gr Bonded Soft Point for the following: $53 a 20 rd box $500 for a 10 box 200 rd case unopened. Multiple cases available! If you're familiar this is the best Federal 300 WSM round for the money and performance. Always kept...
    $53 USD
  4. Ammo
    (updated 6-8-22) 762x39, 556-223, 300Blackout, 9mm, 545x39, 45acp, 12ga 2-3/4 & more FMJ,JHP,HP,SP Federal HST1 2 3- Speer Gold Dot 115, 124, 135, 147, 230 p+, +p+ etc... Accept $Cash-Zelle-Cash app-Venmo ONLY!!! No Trades! PLEASE SEE PICS BELOW!! Min order $200 Quantity will dictate price...
  5. Reloading Equipment and Components
    For sale: 1000 Federal No. 200 Magnum Small Pistol Primers (sold 1k). Price is $100.00 per thousand. Cash only, no trades. Trade value is $100.00. Transaction to take place in northern RTP OR I-85 corridor in Durham. Respond here. My schedule is promising to get a bit wonky, but I'll do my best...
  6. Ammo
    3 boxes (138 rounds) of Federal .45 Auto 230 gr HST ammo (2 boxes of 50 each / 1 box of 38) - $150 SOLD. STILL FOR SALE: 1 box (20 rounds) of Speer Gold Dot .45 Auto 185 gr GDHP ammo - $22. 1 box (12 rounds) of Wilson Combat .45 ACP 185 gr +P ammo - $13 1 box (60 rounds) of Federal American...
  7. Reloading Equipment and Components
    I have 4 boxes (1000 each) if Federal Gold Medal Large Pistol Primers. Looking to trade for small pistol primers. Will travel to make trade.
  8. Wanted
    I would like to buy small pistol primers or small rifle primers. Preferably federal but open to others.
  9. Reloading Equipment and Components
    I bought a bunch of primer to load .458 SOCOM then realize it was better to load them with Magnum Large Pistol Primer so I will not be using these. The Federal primers are a box of 1k and 2 loose boxes of 100, 1 has 5 missing. Im located in Wilmington and would prefer to trade these for CCI...
  10. Reloading Equipment and Components
    119 peices of Hornady Match, either bthp,amax or eld 234 Federal Gold medal match, was either 168 or 175 sierra matchking All is once fired factory new through a savage 10 bolt action and kept in a sealed container with dessicant packs. $90....ill even through in a box of factory new ammo...
1-10 of 10 Results