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  1. Handguns for Sale
    Only 20 rds fired thru it. Absolutely perfect condition. Very desirable and hard to come by FDE with black slide. Comes with all factory items including the shell casing from factory test fire and 3 mags. If I trade I am looking for value. Multi gun is ok. Would like to improve my...
  2. Handguns for Sale
    Located in western NC, Hickory area, FTF FN Five-Seven MK2 lightly used but in great condition, with original FN box 4-20 rd mags, 1-30 rd mag 1-EFK Fire Dragon Threaded Barrel 800 rounds 5.7x28 blue box FN 40gr ammo I thought I'd throw this one out there and see what kind of bites it...
  3. Long Guns for Sale
    SPF Posted for a friend who is not on CSC. FNH PS90 Bullpup in FN 5.7 x 28 with 16" barrel. Includes two 50 round magazines. Excellent condition - only a few mags run through it. One very sweet shooter! $900.00. An excellent price for a gun that sells for $1,200+ new. Sorry, my friend...
1-3 of 3 Results