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  1. Freebies | Pay it forward
    Hello, Bought some land and it has a house trailer on it that I just want to be rid of. It was rented for years until a couple of years ago a toilet broke and flooded the floors. It is a 1997 model and I think it's the longest model single wide (3 bed, 2 bath). It is free to the taker, but I...
  2. Dealer & Firearm Reviews | Critiques
    A week or so ago, I was checking out a local pawn shop. They did not have any interesting firearms, but as I was leaving, I noticed that there was a large, nice looking wheeled, locking hard-sided rifle case behind the counter. It turned out to be a 52" Plano "Bone Collector" double rifle case...
  3. Not Gun Related
    I have around 150 gallons of used motor / transmission oil for a waste oil heater etc. No antifreeze etc in it so it will be safe to use in a heater. Bring your own oil barrels and we can transfer.
  4. Freebies | Pay it forward
    30+ small and medium size moving boxes. FREE!! You come and get them Located in Clayton (1010 Rd) IM me here
1-4 of 4 Results