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  1. Long Guns for Sale
    SOLD PENDING FUND$$$$ For Sale M1 Garand (US Rifle, Cal 30, M1) & listed accessories $1,500 obo Can meet within reasonable distance of Charlotte, NC US GI M1 rifle, purchased from CMP Jan 2001 Springfield Armory, serial number 533118xx – post-Korean war mfg. date early 1954. Purchased as...
    $1,500 USD
  2. Long Guns for Sale
    This one…. DrillAmerica® M1 Garand Replica Rifle Bought it for my son who used it a half dozen years ago in HS. No need for us to keep it, someone could use it. Say $100 with the carry case? Local Pickup only. Regards, Corey
    $100 USD
  3. Wanted
    Looking for a nice Luger and quality military souvenirs - Helmets, blades, uniforms, flags, insignia, patches and related items. Mostly interested in World War I, World War II and the Vietnam era. I'm in central NC and pretty flexible as far as meeting up goes. Thanks
  4. Reloading Equipment and Components
    Guys, I have a Garand that I purchased several years ago, but have never fired. I know that modern '06 ammo is likely too warm for the operating rod. I don't want to change the gas port, and certainly don't want to damage the rod. Looking for a powder to reload to original spec, and have...
  5. Ammo
    FTF in or near Winston Salem. 1) can of Lake City, 200rds. (SOLD) 1] can of KA, Korean, 290rds. (SOLD) either can, $140 each.
  6. Long Guns for Sale
    My interests have become more diversified and I need to make room. These are the six rifles I am parting with in order to make space. Some have CMP paper work, some do not. Both Springfield Armory and Winchester rifles are up for grabs, and a M1D which I will package with a lot that includes an...
  7. Long Guns for Sale
    *** REDUCED PRICE *** $1800.00 (from $2100) -or- $1600 without Scope/Rings I'm selling a Springfield Armory M1A "Scout Squad" (18" barrel) .308 Rifle with a Burris 2-7x32mm Ballistic Plex Scout Scope, Sadlak Industries Upgrades (and other upgrades), x9 - 20 round factory SA mags, x1 - 10 round...
  8. Ammo
    1 can of WWII "250 linked AP". $275
  9. Ammo
    Surplus M1 Garand black tip 30-06; M2 AP. This ammo is almost all in e clips (just a few rounds are in stripper clips). Approximately 432 rounds. A few aren't in good shape. So, Ill call it 400 rounds conservatively. The ammo and clips are still in bandoleers that are in good shape except for...
  10. Long Guns for Sale
    SOLD This is a Garand that I got from CMP. The armorer had it in a set-aside area with the "Specials". She said that it had too good a barrel to replace with a new Criterion, but should otherwise be considered a Special with new wood, parts fit a bit better, overall - their top shelf. The...
  11. Ammo
    400rds Garand ammo $300 Talon recovered components packaged (Lake City) Not willing to ship. FTF meeting only...triad area.
  12. Ammo
    200rds HXP 30-06 Garand ammo $155 Not willing to ship. FTF meeting only...triad area. Note: More than 1 can is available, dates will vary
  13. Long Guns for Sale
    Garand Barreled Receiver I have a nice Danish VAR barrel on Century Arms Inc. receiver. Barrel in good shape and it shot very well for me but I got a deal on a 1944 Springfield barrel and receiver so I had everything swapped over. I do not have the proper gauges to measure throat or muzzle...
  14. Military, Military Inspired Weapons, and C&R
    If I had the money, this M1 would be mine: This an extremely rare 2 digit M1 Garand that has was converted to gas port. #87 in in the Springfield Armory Museum and #89 is in the National Museum of the Marine Corp in Virginia...
1-16 of 16 Results