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  1. Handguns for Sale
    Glock 48 mos for sale, comes with nightstick light, tyrant designs mag release, 2 standard 10 rd magazines and 2 gen 2 shield 15 rd magazines. Under 100 rds fired through the pistol. I'm asking for $650 for it All, must have a ccp or purchase permit. will come with iwb vedder holster you can...
  2. Handguns for Sale
    Selling a Glock 48, single stack 9mm with the silver slide. Includes original case, 2 mags, IWB Holster made by Crossbreed Holster and an extra mag belt clip. Pistol has had about 75 rounds through. Looking to sell it all for $425, I am not looking for trades but always open to hear offers...
1-2 of 2 Results