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  1. Wanted
    Would like to find some original wood grips in good condition for a Trooper MK III.
  2. Optics for sale
    I have a mint condition set of Crimson Trace Laser Grios for a Government or Commander size 1911. The model number is lg401 p4. These were on my Kimber that Only took 2 trips to the range before I traded it. This also fits Sig, Colt, Springfield, and a host of other brands. $150 I will ship for...
  3. Parts & Accessories
    I have for sale a set of NOS Italian made Siles grips for the Ruger Security Six. They are very similar to the discontinued Ruger Target grips. These are from a bulk-packed lot, so there is no individual/resale packaging for them. I was going to use these on a project gun, but a friend offered...
  4. Parts & Accessories
    I have a large frame for Sig P250....but could it be used as a P320? They look the same to me and I know they both are modular so if anyone knows about this and wants it for a 320. Asking $25.00 plus shipping or no shipping ftf here in Morganton area. This is new and never used.
  5. Parts & Accessories
    Im selling my crimson trace laser grips (red laser) because I am in the process of cerakoting my kimber 1911 and the new color doesn't match the grips. The grips fit a full sized 1911. I had them on my kimber Custom Crimson Carry 2. I have not registered this product for the warranty. No wear on...
  6. Parts & Accessories
    Brand new. Envelope still sealed from manufacturer. Adhesive rubber texture Talon Grips made to fit M&P Full Size (see manufacturer's pictures below). $10 NW Raleigh/Brier Creek Area.
1-6 of 6 Results