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  1. Not Gun Related
  2. Not Gun Related
    I have a ham operator set up that belonged to a longtime friend of mine. Due to dementia, he is moving into an assisted living facility near his daughter in D.C. this week. I was asked by his daughter to sell his ham equipment today when we packed up his apartment. The equipment was packed up in...
  3. Survival & Preparedness
    Amateur Radio 101: What, Why, and How
  4. Survival & Preparedness
    As a member of ARES, I will continue to be ready to assist when asked. Our drills, such as the upcoming ARES Nuclear Drill, helps us to be ready if needed. This is why we as Amateur Radio Operators constantly practice our readiness with thousands of nightly check-in Nets and drills. Our hobby is...
  5. Survival & Preparedness
    Reposting this article is in no way an endorsement by me of the article or "facts" herein. I have posted this for the humor contained. Repost The militia-patriot movement in America has embraced radio communications in a big way. Within the past decade, the methods and communications gear have...
1-5 of 5 Results