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  1. For Sale 7.62x54r sealed

    2 sealed spam cans of 7.62x54r ammo. Silver tip. Will sell separately, located in Greensboro for cash, but will consider trades.
    $500 USD
  2. Long Guns for Sale
    Finish capture SA mosin nagant from Tula. 1928 model. Matching. Original Finish SA oiler bottle that still has a whiff of 100 year old oil in it. :) $400 one and only price drop from 475. close to winston-salem. No shipping. A very nice example of this sought after version of the mosin...
    $400 USD
  3. Ammo
    Don’t have a firearm that uses either cartridge anymore. Have 600 rounds of mainly Wolf 7.62x39 and 240 rounds of 7.62x54R. Asking $360 for everything package deal. Basically .40 cents a round for 39 and .50 cents a round for 54R will include an ammo box as well. Pick up in west Charlotte preferred.
  4. Appraisals
    Can anyone help me get the value of this rifle with an estimate for a full spam can and ~130/140 loose rounds of surplus ammo? Matching numbers on receiver, barrel, bolt, and buttplate
  5. Long Guns for Sale
    Hello, I am looking to sell my Mosin-Nagant 91/30. Here are the details: - Manufactured 1938 by Tula - Worn finish on barrel and receiver but no rust. Magazine assembly has some pitting but no issues. - Bore is in very good condition. Bolt is also in good condition and functions normally. -...
  6. Long Guns for Sale
    DSC00456 by Wills posted Nov 8, 2021 at 10:31 AMNew listing of rifles for sale; Top to bottom Mosin Nagant comes with Russian issued ammo pouch, tool kit and oil can $550 SOLD Steyr Mannlicher Budapest $600 SOLD Steyr Mannlicher Austria $600 SOLD *Swiss Army K31 (or K11?)$550 SOLD Swedish Mauser...
  7. Long Guns for Sale
    1942 Izhevsk M91/30. Only thing not matching is the floor plate. Looks to be arsenal refurbished. More photos available upon request. $425 OBO.
  8. Long Guns for Sale
    1940 Finn Tikka M91 with what seems to be original finish. Barrel is not counterbored. Not sure if the numbers on the stock are the serial from a different gun or unit numbers etc. so I'm not sure if the stock was originally to this particular rifle. More photos available upon request. $550 OBO.
  9. Ammo
    447 rounds of 7.62 54 mosin ammo. It is surplus ammo, selling can and ammo together. $240.00
  10. Ammo
    Two spam cans sealed of 440 rounds Two ammo cans of 7.62 54r ammo 1500 rounds of ammo altogether for sale including ammo cans. asking $600
  11. Optics for sale
    I have a scope mount that I designed and manufactured for sale $100 call me at 252 619 2845 if interested
  12. Long Guns for Sale
    1942 Tula Mosin Nagant Matching Serial Numbers Clean barrel 2 ammo cans 2 spam cans 1500 rounds 7.62 54r Sling 2 ammo pouches Cleaning kit Oil bottle Sighting tool $1000
  13. Long Guns for Sale
    1942 Tula Mosin Nagant Clean Barrel Matching Serial Numbers Sling and original kit 1700 rounds of 7.62 54r (two cans of sealed surplus ammo + two 50. cal cans of surplus) $1000 I can email higher quality pictures upon request
  14. Long Guns for Sale
    1914 Finnish rework Mosin Nagant. Here is a link to a number of videos of the rifle:!Au11snxSmYXRrVNFtBt_qZs3IT0r?e=Mbg76e Many nice stampings. I will try to list the stampings. What I think is the original stamping has 6 lines so 1 is the Russian Imperial Eagle, 2 is the...
  15. Long Guns for Sale
    Yup, a 1943 M44, only about 50,000 of these were made so they are quite a bit more rare than any other year Russian M44's. Refurb stock, good metal, and most importantly, the bore is bright and shiny, with well defined rifling. Great shooter. Bolt isn't sticky. All matching numbers, not counter...
  16. Long Guns
    Maybe you all could make some suggestions. Please don't consider this a Want To Buy Post, but by all means, if you have something send me a message. Again, I'm looking for suggestions for a friend, and not a Straw Deal. So I'm talking with my friend. He wants to buy a rifle. He's never had...
  17. Long Guns for Sale
    The Mosins are sold. I will repost the AR15 at some point.
  18. Long Guns for Sale
    Very nice 1941 Izhevsk Mosin Nagant model 1891-30 (91-30, 9130,91/30) Bluing is nearly 100%, bore has strong rifling, wood is nice with one arsenal repair to the butt end and better finish overall than is common on arsenal refurbed 91-30s. Comes with a cleaning rod and 20 rounds of ammo (if...
  19. Long Guns for Sale
    This is a very nice Izhevsk M1891/30 Mosin Nagant rifle originally dated 1943, then re-stamped 52. While not obscenely rare, the double stamped and "MO" marked 9130s are a good bit harder to find than a standard mosin. MO is known to be the Russian abbreviation for "Ministerstvo Oborony", or...
1-20 of 23 Results