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  1. NFA/ Tax Stamp required
    I am looking for a Dead Air Sandman series or another quality suppressor to buy on a form 3 or 4. I am 18 and can not buy one directly from a dealer but can legally buy in private sales, I doubt anyone has one to sell but if so PM/text me. Thanks! 252 772 3365
  2. NFA Classifieds
  3. NFA/ Tax Stamp required
  4. NFA Classifieds
    1,216 NFA Trusts without a single ATF delay, question or rejection.
  5. Firearms News and Firearms related political news 30 Days to get 100,000 signatures.
  6. NFA/ Tax Stamp required
    Perhaps deep down you have at least wondered. Or even suspected it. North Carolina Gun Trust has reviewed most of the DIY gun trusts out there. All trusts must satisfy the very specific lawful requirements of the state in which it is created in order to be valid. Trusts in North Carolina are not...
  7. NFA/ Tax Stamp required
    We are up and running with our Live Scan finger print system. We have the ability to take, store and print finger prints, photos. No charge for finger prints and photos for form 4 applications on items purchased from us. We plan on bringing the scanner and camera to gun shows to take and store...
  8. NFA/ Tax Stamp required
    JKSilencers is now a Stocking STORE FRONT SPEQ dealer. I will update the website to reflect this as will SilencerCo. We have many items in stock and more on the way. We also are serving many areas ranging from just south of Ashville all the way to NC/SC boarder. If you have questions about...
  9. NFA Classifieds
    Choose from Three NFA Trust Levels. Starting at $150. Clients are obtaining NFA Trusts now and submitting their applications to the ATF before the new changes significantly alter the way that individual members of NFA gun trusts operate with regard to possessing NFA items. Click below to get...
  10. NFA/ Tax Stamp required
    commie hoser
  11. NFA Design and Build section
    Alright, I am new here and to the Carolinas so I am hoping to tap into the collective knowledge and make a shooting buddy or two as well. I can tell you guys clearly have a lot of knowledge. I need some help understanding how to design a can. I know what I want but I designing the baffle stack...
1-11 of 11 Results