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  1. Shooting Sports & Competitions
    Sign up is open for the December 10th 2016 DPRC 2-Gun Match. Biggest match of the year. Limited to 70 shooters because of number of ranges we are able to use. We will have 4 guns to give away and many more door prizes. $20 match for...
  2. Shooting Sports & Competitions
    Great turnout with 40 shooters. Use link below for results. November 12th 2016 DPRC 2-Gun Rimfire This match is going to fill up fast. limited to 60 shooters
  3. Rimfire Forum
    Hey everyone, Just seeing who all wants to go to the World shoot at Cavern Cove in Woodville, Alabama. Dates Friday October 14th side matches and Demos Saturday October 15th- shooting Sunday October 16th - finish shooting then awards and door prizes. A group of shooters from DPRC 2-Gun Rimfire...
1-3 of 3 Results