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  1. Hunting & Fishing
    I own a 1911, 45 cal pistol and I have a opossum that keeps coming up on my back yard. I also use hollow point rounds. I live in a fenced in back yard and understand the close houses that surround my back yard. My question is, if I shoot a “rodent” that keeps harassing my outside animals, I know...
  2. Appraisals
    WWII Small Arms Ammunition Box lot Sl. 9097 T1EHP 2bx 50 1bx 32 Cartridges Pistol Ball 45 Cal. M1911 Lot E.C. 12468S Ammo Spam Can (Unopened) 192 Cartridges Cal 30 Ball M2 8RD Clips Bandoleers Lot HXP 4048-73 Box has original shipping label To Commanding Officer Ww2 Small Arms Ammo3 by...
1-2 of 2 Results