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  1. Reloading
    Question: Which, in particular large, brand of reamers do you guys use? I ran across some '65 Lake City .308 a while back. After shooting about 60 rounds, decided to reload some 150gr match bullets that have been collecting dust on the shelf for years. Reamed the primer pockets with my...
  2. Reloading Equipment and Components
    Selling them all together to keep it simple. They have been well taken care of and kept inside an ammo can. Hopefully someone has a need for both. $50 firm....all of them. No trades. $15 for the 500 small pistol primers and $35 for the 900 small rifle primers. I live between Landrum SC and...
  3. Reloading Equipment and Components
    I bought a bunch of primer to load .458 SOCOM then realize it was better to load them with Magnum Large Pistol Primer so I will not be using these. The Federal primers are a box of 1k and 2 loose boxes of 100, 1 has 5 missing. Im located in Wilmington and would prefer to trade these for CCI...
1-3 of 3 Results