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  1. Long Guns for Sale
    I have 3 total Tri-Rail PS90s and looking to let go of 2 of them. 2 are gen 2 and 1 is gen 3. Looking to sell one of the gen 2 and the gen 3. All 3 are in great condition and don't have many rounds through them. I also have 800 rounds of FN 5.7x28 SS197SR 40 gr. Hornady V-Max ammo for sale. Will...
  2. Long Guns for Sale
    Looking to sell my lightly used FN PS90 with the desirable Tri-Rail. Rifle shows little to no wear and is in perfect condition, very low shot count. Comes with original box and 1 mag. Looking for $2,500 Cash OBO or equal trade value for interested items. Willing to take trade + cash, add on my...
  3. Wanted
    Looking for 5.7x28mm ammo for range/training, will take either Federal/American Eagle or FN SS197 blue tip. Let me know what you have! Thanks
  4. Long Guns for Sale
    i have a ps90 that I am looking to trade. It is used and will come with 2 50 rd mags. Looking for value. Multi guns ok Not looking for home built ARs only factory if you offer an AR please. Glocks, Sigs, FN, etc and no .40 cal please Triad area of NC
  5. Long Guns for Sale
    SPF Posted for a friend who is not on CSC. FNH PS90 Bullpup in FN 5.7 x 28 with 16" barrel. Includes two 50 round magazines. Excellent condition - only a few mags run through it. One very sweet shooter! $900.00. An excellent price for a gun that sells for $1,200+ new. Sorry, my friend...
1-5 of 5 Results