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  1. Long Guns for Sale
    Series H006 Lever Action Henry rifle in .45Long Colt, with brass receiver and butt plate, blue octagon barrel and standard size lever loop. Rifle is immaculate; has been shot no more than a dozen times. No scratches, dings, dents or blemishes anywhere. Has been a "safe queen" since first time on...
  2. Ammo
    14 boxes 12ga want to trade for 20ga. FTF near Salisbury All or partial
  3. Ammo
    Want to trade any or all for small pistol primers 35 Remington 200g FTX Leverrolution (qty 20) 25acp PPU 50g fmj (qty 50) 32acp Browing 73g fmj (qty 50) 9mm Brown Bear 9mm fmj (qty 5o) 9mm Hornady Critical Defence FTX (QTY 25) ,410 Winchester 3” #4 buck (qty 5) .410 Federal 21/2” ½ oz slug (qty...
  4. Handguns for Sale
    Springfield Champion .45. 4" barrel Ed Brown bobtail mainspring ***removed for now
1-4 of 4 Results