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  1. Reloading Equipment and Components
    .50BMG - $0.50/ea -Some have been tumbled. All once-fired. 30-06 - 65pcs for $20 - tumbled & polished -All are PPU headstamp. All once-fired. .308 Win - $30/100 - tumbled & polished -Mostly PMC and Federal commercial. A few NATO casings mixed in. All once-fired. .303 British - 45pcs for...
  2. Reloading Equipment and Components
    All are brand-new, and most are still in retail packaging; I'll be updating the list as I continue to clean. Format is "quantity-caliber, $price" All will ship for actual cost if not picking up from me in Greensboro. If you're buying it all I'll drive somewhere, but otherwise I'm keeping it...
1-2 of 2 Results