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  1. Shooting Sports & Competitions
    First a link to the announcement on the Belton Bushwhackers' website: The Belton Gun Club will offer Wild Bunch Action Shooting matches on 5th Saturdays beginning January 29, 2022. There will not be a match on the 5th Saturday in April but you...
  2. Shooting Sports & Competitions
    For background and links see my thread from last year. Announcing "22s in '22": the Greenville Gunfighters will allow shooters of all ages the option to shoot .22 LR rifle and revolvers in our monthly...
  3. Shooting Sports & Competitions
    I thought this was worth its own thread. The Belton Gun Club is hosting "The Bushwhack", the Single Action Shooting Society 2021 South Carolina State Championship Match, from Thursday April 8 through Saturday April 10, 2021. The match website is
  4. Handguns for Sale
    Shouldn't sell these.....but I don't get to do SASS anymore. Here is a matched pair (NOT consecutive serial numbers) of Navy Arms/Uberti SAA reproductions. Both are .45LC, have Bisley grips, and 5-1/2" barrels. Guns are beautifully engraved. Please see pics. Purchased these ten or twelve...
  5. Shooting Sports & Competitions
    New year (good riddance to 2020), new thread. I've been having a great time shooting cowboy action matches since 2010. There are lots of good clubs in both carolinas, most of which are SASS affiliated and listed on but there are some (currently) unaffiliated clubs that follow...
1-5 of 5 Results