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  1. Long Guns for Sale
    *** REDUCED PRICE *** $1800.00 (from $2100) -or- $1600 without Scope/Rings I'm selling a Springfield Armory M1A "Scout Squad" (18" barrel) .308 Rifle with a Burris 2-7x32mm Ballistic Plex Scout Scope, Sadlak Industries Upgrades (and other upgrades), x9 - 20 round factory SA mags, x1 - 10 round...
  2. Long Guns for Sale
    Location: Charlotte, NC FS/FT - Ruger Gunsite Scout .308 w/ Burris 2x7 Scope in the intended scout configuration $900 cash, $1,000 trade. Up for sale/trade is an immaculate condition Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle, chambered in .308, and topped off with a Burris 2x7 Pistol Scope ($300+). The...
1-2 of 2 Results