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  1. Long Guns for Sale
    Selling my black aces pro series M shotgun with 70 shells. 50 bird shot, 10 buck shot and 10 slugs. I will have the shells in an ammo box with a lock and also throw in a sling for the gun that holds 16 shells. Works great I bought it last year and maybe shot around 30 shells through it at most...
  2. Long Guns for Sale
    Selling my Mossberg 535. Comes with... *1 Buckshot and 1 turkey barrel. *3 sets of Tru-Glo sites. (One on each barrel, and an extra set.) *All manufacturer chokes, and a BucksKicker Full Buckshot Choke. *3 boxes of 3.5" 00 buckshot. (2 boxes of Winchester and a box of Remington.) *Redhead soft...
  3. Club News | How To's | Issues & Suggestions
    New member needs a hand getting an ad posted for a Shotgun for sale. Can't figure out how to post. Staff hasn't answered my request. Thanks!
  4. Long Guns for Sale
    savage arms model 320- 20 guage w/ (correction) 21 inch barrel home defense shotgun. holds 5+1 -2 3/4 inch shells. asking 160 (firm) gun is brand new never fired. asking price lowered for financial reasons. money is tight and this needs to sell. thanks for looking, matt
1-4 of 4 Results