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  1. Reloading Equipment and Components
    I have several ramshot powders I won’t be using. Hopefully someone else can use them and avoid paying hazmat fees and tax. 3 new pounds or ramshot magnum- $35 per lb 3 new pounds of ramshot hunter- $35 per lb 1 new pound of tac- $35 1 over half lb of tac- $20 picked up in rock hill sc...
    $35 USD
  2. Reloading Equipment and Components
    Got several different powders available for local pick up: (10) 1 lb cans of Titegroup pistol powder $30 each. (4) 1 lb cans of Accurate 4064 rifle powder for $35 each (4) 1 lb cans of Ramshot TAC rifle powder for $35 each (2) 1 lb cans of Accurate #9 magnum pistol powder for $33 each (4) 1...
    $30 USD
  3. Long Guns for Sale
    Sold For Sale: Savage 10 ML- II .50 caliber in-line muzzleloader. 24" barrel., 1 in 24 twist, capable of firing "smokeless powder", or black powder, pyrodex and most black powder substitutes. Yes, it’s made to use modern SMOKELESS powder!! Crazy right?Savage Accu-Trigger, synthetic stock...
  4. Reloading Equipment and Components
    I just placed an order for 10#s of Ramshot Tac. With hazmat, taxes and shipping I have $35 a pound in the order. As soon as it arrives: I would like to trade pound for pound for recent production IMR-4895 or Varget. I am also willing to sell FTF in Chapel Hill (up to 8#s) of the powder out...
1-4 of 4 Results