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  1. Wanted
    Just wondering if any forum members make and sell AR500 steel targets for practice? I can order off Amazon but wanted to check here locally first. Thx!
  2. Ammo
    Don’t have a firearm that uses either cartridge anymore. Have 600 rounds of mainly Wolf 7.62x39 and 240 rounds of 7.62x54R. Asking $360 for everything package deal. Basically .40 cents a round for 39 and .50 cents a round for 54R will include an ammo box as well. Pick up in west Charlotte preferred.
  3. Ammo
    Wolf 7.62x39 Performance 122gr. FMJ - 1000 Rounds (in 20 round boxes) in labelled 50 cal Ammo Can - LOT with Can - $500 Red Army Standard 7.62x39 1000 Rounds. (20 Round boxes in 50 cal ammo can labeled) -$500 Yugo Surplus M67 7.62x39 FMJ Ammo 1120 Round SEALED Crate - BRASS - Semi Corrosive -...
  4. Appraisals
    Hey guys, I'm still debating if I'm going to sell this, but what do you think of a price? It's in good shape and only has around 500 round through it. Thanks,
  5. Handguns for Sale
    I am looking to sell my Dan Wesson Valor. It is a .45 with a 5" barrel, in black. I've put 500-600 rounds though it. It's been sitting in the safe for quite awhile and could use the money elsewhere. I put USMC grips on it. The original grips are included. Asking for $1,200. I am in Inman, SC. If...
  6. Rimfire pistol
    Is anyone using this optic? The Internet is almost silent on it. I am wondering if it is worth buying for a steel pistol.
  7. Distinguished Pistol
    All, Our new tactical pit is now available for group sessions on the steel plates. Call for reservations. Clint 336-421-9136
  8. Shotgun Forum
    I have an antique 108 year old shotgun. References on the internet say to only use shells with "lead" pellets. I go to the local gun shop today and start looking for shells with lead pellets. I find: Copper coated lead pellets Nickle coated lead pellets Steel pellets Boxes with no pellet...
  9. Handguns for Sale
    Up for sale is a very nice, used Kahr MK40. I've had this handgun polished to a bright shine and it includes the following: Kahr Wood Grips with checkering Hogue Grip Front Night Sight Replaced Recoil Spring Assembly and Magazine Catch about 6 months ago One Kahr Magazine Asking $550 for this...
1-9 of 9 Results